Groovy Arcades - Arcades for home or office
                                                             Do you ever wish that you could play all the classic games you played as a kid but can no longer find the games???
Well now you can!!!
Groovy Arcades are the arcade specialists, we can build you awesome arcade machine with all the classic games which you can play whenever you want!!!
Be the envy of your friends & family when they see an awesome arcade machine with all the classic games that you played as a child, in your own home or mancave.
At Groovy Arcades we have three types of machines available, the classic lowboy, the cocktail arcade machine & minicade arcade machine.
If you would like to see the upright arcade or cocktail machine in action please feel free to phone us and organise a time to come and have a look, guaranteed that you will want one after seeing it!!!
Contact me for a personalised quote to suit your needs, budget & preferences.
We also understand that not everyone can afford to buy one out right, so Groovy Arcades have a lay-by option available,
 Please talk to our friendly staff to find out more..
for available games, please see the list at the bottom of the page.
Classic lowboy arcade machine.
(Colours available are red, yellow & blue)
Cocktail arcade machine
(Only available in black)
Minicade (Tabletop arcade machine)
$900 (including paintwork)
Here are some of  the games available.
Please note, games with the letter V after them are only available for the cocktail arcade & Minicade machine and games with the letter H after them are only available for the lowbow arcade machine.
Double Dragon (H), Fatal Fury 2 (H), X-Men Vs.Street Fighter (H), X-Men: Children of the Atom (H),
Marvel Vs.Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (H), Alien vs. Predator, Street Fighter II (H), Final Fight (H),
The Simpsons (H), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (H), Metal Slug (H), Aero Fighters (V), Prehistoric Isle (H),
R-Type (H), Hellfire (H), Shinobi (H), Ghouls'n Ghosts (H), Mario Bros (H), Missile Command (V), Rally X (V),
Moon Patrol (V), Wonder Boy (H), Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (H), Wonderboy in monsterland (H), Golden Axe (H), The NewZealand Story (H), Bionic Commando (H), Dynamite Dux (H), Boulder Dash (V), Ninja Gaiden (H), Snow Bros (H), Tumble Pop (H), Bubble Bobble (H), Tetris (H), Elevator Action (H), Defender  (V), Joust (H), 1942 (V), Pacman (V), Frogger (V), Space Invaders (V), Bomb Jack (V), Galaga (V),
Galaxian(V), Mortal Kombat (H),
Ms Pacman (V), Jr Pacman (V), Pengo (V), Ladybug (V), Centipede (V), Burgertime (V), Dig Dug (V), Congo Bongo (V), Xevious (V), Raiden (V), Sonic the hedgehog (H), Gyruss (V), Thunder Dragon (V). Bomberman (H), Mr Do (V), Donkey kong (V), Donkey Kong Jr (V), Donkey Kong 3 (V),
Q bert (V), Asteroids (V), Mappy (V).
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